Az első ázsiai 3-D film

Danny and Oxide Pang (The Messengers, Bangkok Dangerous) are working on the first Asian digital 3-D horror film, called “The Child’s Eye in 3D.” The $4.5 million pic is set to begin shooting in June in Thailand.

The visual stimulation offered by the stereoscopic 3-D format will be used to the full in the signature Pang brothers’ jump-out-of-your-seat shock tactic and spooky style, the twins told THR.

“The Child’s Eye in 3D” tells the story of six stranded Hong Kong travelers during the shutdown of the Bangkok airport in the November 2008 anti-government protest and their supernatural encounters after the disappearance of three in the group.

The highlight of the film will be an underworld made up of paper replica houses, filled with paper dolls and paper cars — a city formed by all the paper-made facsimile of the real world burnt and offered to the deceased in the traditional Chinese ancestor worship ritual. The brothers will also be introducing a monster in the film.

The way to handle a monster is the same as creating spooky and suspenseful atmosphere, so it’s something we want to try in this film,” Oxide Pang said.

The Pang brothers first received international attention with 2002’s “The Eye,” which was remade as a US version starring Jessica Alba last year.

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